Saturday, September 20, 2008

Second NDP candidate in BC resigns

NDP denies deal with pot activist Marc Emery News Staff

The NDP is denying they made an informal deal with marijuana activist Marc Emery.

Emery alleges he and NDP Leader Jack Layton had an agreement to bring Marijuana Party members to the New Democrats. In exchange, Emery claims the NDP said they would continue efforts to decriminalize pot.

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Mike514 said...


Is this turning out to be a battle for 2nd place?

During last campaign, Liberals complained that the NDP focused too much energy on attacking the Libs.

During this campaign, every party is attacking the Tories (which is smart, in my opinion). But now, the Liberals are attacking the NDP. This will obviously encourage the NDP to focus their guns on the Libs, and focus less on the Tories (as they've already done by accusing the Libs of having a deal with the Marijuana party). This seems counter-productive to me, unless the Libs are desperate and now fighting for 2nd place?

Or am I reading too much into this?... Obviously every party is fighting against 4 other parties, but is it wise to have the NDP and Libs sniping at each other, and sniping less at Harper?

Jeff said...

The Liberals have always had to fight a two-front war Mike. There are many ridings where it's between the Libs and the NDP, and the Cons aren't a factor, so to ignore the NDP wouldn't make any sense.

Now, if you start to see attacks on the Natural Law Party, be concerned. They're wide-open to criticism though. Why are they silent on the issues that matter to Canadians? Their answer to everything is yogic flying. That won't create full-time jobs!