Monday, October 13, 2008

Harper: Dion must get a mandate for the good of the economy

The Liberals have been picking-up some big endorsements, but this one if my favourite (from CP):

Say what?

NORTH VANCOUVER _ Chalk it up to campaign exhaustion.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper may be relieved this campaign is drawing to a close after some recent verbal mix ups.

In his final event Harper appeared to refer to one of his candidates as a communist.

He then suggested Stephane Dion was his running mate.

``That is why we and Mr. Dion must get a mandate for the good of the country,'' he told a crowd in North Vancouver on Monday.

No one in the crowd seemed to notice, many even cheered and clapped after the statement.
My favourite bit is that no one in the crowd noticed, and they even cheered. I agree, Dion must get a mandate for the good of the economy. I wonder though, which Conservative candidate is the communist? Hope someone has video...

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Karen said...

LOL. I had CPAC on in the background and I heard that, but thought I must of misheard.

I brought up the screen and I think the people behind him noticed. Their eyes were scanning the crowd to see if anyone else did.

There will be a tape I am sure.

Jeff said...

Just watched national news CTV and CBC, no mention at all. You know if Dion had made these flubs they'd have broken into regular programming...