Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Now it's all up to the voters

I'm just back from the last rally of this election campaign, with Stephane Dion and a few hundred Liberals at an airport hotel in Richmond. It was one of Dion's best speeches of the campaign to date that I've seen, and the crowd was described by the CBC as "large" and "rowdy".

We're ending this campaign on a high, gaining momentum and ground in the polls. We're still back though, and as I mentioned earlier the result could be anything from a Conservative majority to a Liberal minority.

The result will largely be up to progressive voters. The fact is, the next government will be formed by either the Conservatives or the Liberals. The question every progressive voter needs to ask themselves is, which do they prefer?

Three Nobel Prize-winning environmentalists stated their support for a Liberal government over the weekend. Elizabeth May is also encouraging progressive voters to carefully consider their choices, and she had endorsed Stephane Dion as the best choice for Prime Minister.

If we unite behind the Liberals, we can defeat Stephen Harper and elect a Liberal minority government that, with the help of the other progressive parties in parliament, can make real progress reversing the damage of the Conservatives and start making real progress for Canadians: protecting our economy, investing in child care and early learning, and steer our economy through troubled times while ensuring average Canadian families are protected.

That's why hope for tomorrow. That we put country before party and send Stephen Harper packing.

I'll be spending all day Tuesday working scrutineering a poll (seven, actually, I'm told) in Burnaby-Douglas, so I'll be offline until after what I hope will be a raucous victory party Tuesday night. No matter whom you support, make sure that you get out and vote tomorrow, and good luck to one and all.

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