Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Join the muzzle watch at Harpocracy.ca

The Liberal Party’s BC campaign recently launched Harpocracy.ca, a new Web site that tracks and documents the epidemic of Conservative election candidates skipping all-candidates meetings, dodging media interviews, and otherwise avoiding public scrutiny and accountability.

The list began as primarily BC in focus, but is now going national in scope documenting Conservative candidate muzzlings across Canada. To date, some 67 muzzlings have been recorded, and more are being added daily.

There’s a form on the Web site where people can submit news of a Conservative candidate being muzzled in their own communities, and there’s also a list of quotes from when some Conservative candidates have, with unfortunate results, broken free of Stephen Harper’s muzzle and spoken their minds.

And for bloggers, there’s a dynamically-updated muzzle count widget you can add to your blog, which will be updated every time a new muzzling is recorded.

Check it out at www.harpocracy.ca, and start reporting your local Conservative muzzlings today.

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Susan said...

the link goes to Go Daddy an ad site??

Jeff said...

Someone tried to take the site down, but it's back up. You can't muzzle the muzzle watch...