Wednesday, November 05, 2008

You won't have 'ol George W. to kick around anymore

From the unintended consequences file:

One prominent Liberal wearing an Obama lapel sticker predicted that the Democrat win would allow the Conservatives to shake off the biggest albatross dogging their government.

``We can't play the Bush card on them anymore,'' he said.

The Liberals have used against Harper his support for the invasion of Iraq, for the detention of Omar Khadr at Guantanamo Bay, and the anti-Kyoto stance he shares with the deeply unpopular White House incumbent.
As much as I’ve enjoyed the Harper-Bush BFF card, I think it’s worth giving it up for the greater good of a President Obama. And I think the best before date on the Harper/Iraq card has passed as well, so truly we’re coming to an end of an area in the greatest hits of Liberal attack ads. Next time just won’t be the same.

Not to worry though, I’m sure we’ll find something to dislike about Stephen Harper if we put our minds to it. Fingers crossed.

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Ti-Guy said...

Why all of sudden are Liberals adopting the media/Conservative propaganda formulation that this was simply "The Bush card?" As if criticising Harper for being onside with some of the most repulsive and substantive policies of this failed American administration was just some sort of PR tactic.

By all means, we have to move on. No doubt Harper will as he throws the rest of his own principles out the door and becomes whatever he needs to be. But we should never forget that this man has some very odd ideas about what kind of country this is.

Amnesia might be good for politicians and the media, but it's not good for democracy.

Carrie said...

What? They shouldn't drop that accusation because it's true! Just because the USA citizens worked hard to turf Bush and Company, doesn't mean Canada is fine all of a sudden. WE are still suffering under Bush policies.

WE are still suffering because Harper is Bush North.

If the Liberals stop reminding Canada how far behind we have fallen, how badly we need to get these neo-cons out, then they truly are lost.

I'm thrilled that Obama won. I'm ashamed that this country was too divided to turf Harper. Honestly.

Gauntlet said...

Your comment on the Harper-Iraq thing raises an interesting question in my mind. Are we past the best-before-date on Iraq for Ignatieff too? My experience thus far says no. Why the inconsistency?

Jeff said...

ti, carrie, I don't think anyone is saying criticizing Harper for his Republicanesque foreign policy and what not is now over, that'd be silly. Merely that piggybacking our criticisms with Bush's unpopularity is a little fore difficult with a) Dems in the White House, and b) Bush soon out of office. "Hey, remember that unpopular US president from three years ago, will Harper is just like him!" wouldn't really work.

Jason, Michael's original Iraq position is no longer an issue for me, and I don't think it should/need be an issue going forward. Of course, I can't speak for a) the NDP, or b) anyone but myself.

Larry Gambone said...

On the hand you can beat the Harpocrit over the head with the fact that the Obamas win means the demise of the neo-conservatism and socially reactionary policies that the Cons admire. They are plainly out of step with the rest of the world. Conservatism is sooo 1990's etc and etc.

Jeff said...

Conservatism is sooo 1990's etc and etc.

Hop aboard the change train.

You are correct sir, yes.

Actually, that's one reason why Harper was eager to get our little election out of the way early.