Monday, March 30, 2009

You still shouldn't get old in an opposition riding

Canwest journalist David Akin is tracking government spending via his Twitter feed with the tag #ottawaspends, and there seems to be one inescapable pattern that's emerging: when your parents are ready to retire, ship them off to a Conservative riding.

Akin counts eight press releases on Monday from the government touting $426,554 for seniors programs -- all in ridings held by Conservative MPs.

Among the highlights:

*St. Catharines $19,700 Drawing and painting classes for seniors.
*Mount Forest $32,473 Lawn bowling club and Thames Valley Residents Assn.

Eight announcements, 100 per cent in Conservative ridings? This follow's Akin's report last week that of 32 grants to seniors groups since Feb. 17. only one went to a non-Conservative riding.

Now, of course governing parties always fether their own nests a little. Frankly, what offends me more is that the Conservatives are doing such a half-assed job of even pretending not to just be shovelling pork to their own MPs. Is a little more finesse to much to ask for?

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1 comment:

Ted Betts said...

Are you saying that, even when they are corrupt and abusing government spending, they still manage to demonstrate that their worst attribute is still competency?