Friday, April 24, 2009

Conservatives flip flop on Khadr appeal three times in as many hours

If it wasn't for the fact that a Canadian citizen named Omar Khadr is still rotting in a prison cell in Guantanamo Bay, this would almost be amusing. Almost. My kingdom for competent government?

If you're counting at home you'll note three flip-flops by the Conservatives on an appeal of the Khadr court ruling, all between this morning's question period (11amish) and the filing if this wire piece just before 2:00pm. That's an average of one flip-flop per hour.

Tories flip flop on Khadr appeal (URGENT-Khadr-Lawsuit)
Source: The Canadian Press
Apr 24, 2009 13:49


OTTAWA - The Harper government seems to be having some trouble deciding whether it's appealing a court ruling on the Omar Khadr case.

The government now says it has not decided if it will appeal a Federal Court ruling that said it must ask the United States to send Khadr home.

Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon told the House of Commons today that their would be an appeal.

But his spokeswoman quickly contradicted that, saying no decision had been made.

Within minutes, she backtracked, saying the minister's comments stood.

A short time later things changed again, with the spokeswoman saying the government is still considering what to do.

(The Canadian Press)

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1 comment:

sjw said...

I mean really, what more can be said about these buffoons? A national embarrassment that just keeps on giving.