Friday, April 24, 2009

Just who leaked the Mulroney membership story?

If you remember back to the initial media reports about Brian Mulroney supposedly no longer being a Conservative member, here's how the reports were sourced by CP:

"Senior Conservatives contacted select reporters Tuesday to tell them Mulroney had effectively torn up his party membership card."
And a few day later, Macleans' Paul Wells got the same spiel from an "unnamed senior Conservative".

A little while later, we learned this from the Toronto Star:
Prime Minister Stephen Harper, from overseas, was aware of and agreed with plans to leak stories that would distance him and the current party leadership from former prime minister Brian Mulroney, the Star has learned.

A Conservative party source speaking on background said Harper was in contact with his chief of staff, Guy Giorno, and communications director Kory Teneycke, the officials behind the idea, while he was in Europe last week.

And yet on Tuesday, from CP, we learn of this claim by Senator Marjory LeBreton:

LeBreton sent an email to associates earlier this month saying Harper's office had nothing to do with leaking details aboutMulroney's expired membership card.

She told old PC allies that the government actually heard about Mulroney's status from the media -- not the other way around.

But a pile of evidence suggests otherwise, and LeBreton's old friends aren't buying her explanation.
Indeed. If it wasn't the Harper PMO that leaked this, despite all the evidence to the contrary, it does raise one obvious question: just who did leak it then?

It just doesn't make sense, Maj.

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