Monday, April 27, 2009

Conservatives still trying to kill Insite

Will the Consevatives ever get past their ideology, look at the science and get it right on Insite and safe injection sites? Sadly, it seems unlikely:

Canada's Attorney General and Minister of Health will be in a B.C. court to appeal a lower court order that prevents Ottawa from shutting down Vancouver's controversial supervised-injection site.

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1 comment:

leftdog said...

I agree completely with you! Conservatives will never admit that addiction is an illness and not a matter of 'moral deficiency'!

" ...“It should be stressful to break the law,” Department of Justice lawyer Robert Frater said Monday in the B.C. Court of Appeal. “The government is under no obligation to provide [its citizens] with a safer way of breaking the law.” Making drug-related laws unconstitutional because they are difficult for drug addicts to obey would be “capitulation” along the lines of changing arson laws to accommodate pyromaniacs, Mr. Frater added.
Globe & Mail