Monday, April 27, 2009

Peter MacKay's moral compass goes haywire

Paging Stephen Harper's moral compass repair team: your assistance is needed in Peter MacKay's office as his moral compass appears to be malfunctioning:

Defence Minister and former Progressive Conservative leader Peter MacKay says Brian Mulroney should not only be treated with respect, but also "lauded" for his accomplishments as prime minister.

"As Prime Minister Stephen Harper said this week, he's a man who should be respected, and in fact, in my view, lauded for the contributions that he made during his time in public life," MacKay said of Mulroney in a joint interview this week with Canwest News Service and Global National.

"He brought to our country free trade, (and) an acid-rain treaty. In fact, during his tenure, Canada led the world in the fight to end apartheid in South Africa. So he has a number of very notable accomplishments, (including) two back-to-back majority governments. Mr. Mulroney is a man who gave a great deal of himself to this country and Canada is better for his efforts."
Gee, Ignatieff didn't do any lauding, he just talked about respecting the office. According to Harper, that meant his moral compass was going haywire. But Peter here is out and out lauding -- that has to be one messed-up moral compass. Up is down, left is right. Peter needs help.

But seriously, what happens next will be interesting. If Harper doesn't smack MacKay down he looks weak. But he may be too weak to smack him down. Either way, it's clear Harper's grip on his party is slipping. MacKay is out and out defying the boss-man.

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