Friday, April 03, 2009

Mulroneys have given Conservatives over $14k since 2004

I had the idea the other day of searching the Elections Canada database to see how much Brian Mulroney has donated to the Conservative Party in recent years, given the apparent concentrated effort the party is now making to distance itself from him. Well, at least some in the party.

It looks like Elizabeth Thompson beat me to the story yesterday. That's alright, this is her day job. And great minds do think alike. I do, however, have art, and that's always fun.

I went back as far as 2004 and, including a few donations from his wife Mila, the Mulroneys have donated over $14,000 to the CPC in that time frame. Or $14,540, to be precise.

The most recent donations were recorded in October during the 2008 election campaign. Brian gave $1000 to La Pointe-de-l'Ile Conservative candidate Hubert Pichet, and Mila gave $500 to Gaspesie -- Iles de la Madeleine candidate Darryl Gary.

A year earlier, both also donated to the central party, with Brian donating $1000 on October 12, 2007 and Mila donating $550 on July 4 2007.

Going back to 2004-06, both were also quite frequent donors to the central party's coffers. The highlight was on January 13, 2006, when Brian made a pre-donation cap lowering $5000 donation.

And Brian was also active at the riding level during this period at the riding level, donating to the Conservative riding associations in Westmount and in Durham.

A familiar name also pops up in the list of Mulroney donations during the 2004 election campaign, with Nepean-Carleton's Pierre Poilievre getting $500 from Brian.

That's a lot of donations from a guy the Harper PMO insists is not a Conservative anymore.

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penlan said...

Harper's a rat of the highest order. Even stabs his supporters in the back. One sick individual!

lyrical said...

Two months ago was around the time the Conservatives announced their budget.

Remember, Mr. Mulroney is a PROGRESSIVE Conservative. Perhaps he's just gotten tired of paying into the wrong party.