Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Don Newman's dig at the reluctant Senator Duffy

With the reluctant Senator Mike Duffy insisting he had to have his arm twisted into this whole Senate thing, it was amusing to see that balloon popped by none other than his former colleague, Don Newman:

...although he notes his former fellow broadcaster Mike Duffy, who is now a senator, always had an interest in the upper chamber. Notes Newman, “I am very happy for him that he finally got where he wanted to go.”
Speaking of the Duffster, the reluctant Conservative is continuing his extended fundraising tour on behalf of the party. He was in the Comox Valley last week doing little to soothe military veterans pissed-off about their pension benefits:
“(Veterans) are getting exactly what they signed up for..."
And this week he was in Kamploops demonstrating his expertise of the forestry industry:
"We’re surrounded by wood in Canada,” he said.
It's sterling insights such as these that made Mike Duffy Live a must-watch for years, and will surely serve him well in the chamber of sober second thought. And if anyone knows deadwood, its Duffy.

Feschuk has more fun with Duffy, and Impolitical is also following Duffy's Magical Mystery Tour.

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1 comment:

Jay said...

I still contend that that the entire reason Duffy was promoted to senate was to get everyone on board with electing it. As a liberal I can't bear to watch this puff pastry spread his stupidity far and whid. I'm ready to elect a senate now just so Duffy is gone.