Monday, June 29, 2009

Jim Flaherty and the homosexual agenda

Gee, you know, if Jim Flaherty keeps telling Conservatives to f*** off and keeps making enemies of nutters like the folks at LifeSiteNews, than I may actually start to like him (h/t).

Ok, that's unlikely, but I may start to dislike him slightly less. Because it seems Flaherty is under attack from the nutty right for "supporting the homosexual agenda", whatever that means and whatever that agenda may be.

Maclean's magazine reported on June 18 that Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, previously supported by pro-family advocates, has indicated support for the homosexual movement in a congratulatory letter to Conservative strategist Jaime Watt. Watt, who has been Flaherty's campaign chairman, is currently on the election team of Flaherty's wife Christine Elliot and was one of the whiz kids in Ontario Premier Mike Harris's inner circle, was awarded Egale's inaugural Leadership award for homosexual rights at Egale's gala last week. reported in 2002 that Flaherty was supported by Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) in his campaign for the leadership of the Ontario PC Party. CLC National President Jim Hughes sent a recorded message to 50,000 Ontario homes urging them to join the PC Party so as to vote, and indicating that Flaherty was the only candidate who was pro-life without hesitations.

When, in the wake of CLC's announcement, he was questioned by media about his views, Flaherty defended them, stating, "You're asking me what do I believe in? I'm pro-life. I always have been. I don't anticipate ever changing that view."
It seems that Flaherty is at the tip of a secret thrust to gay-up the formerly saintly Conservative Party:
This, and other developments in the Conservative Party in recent years, seem to indicate that Watt and his many influential associates within the party are succeeding in making the federal Conservatives as gay friendly as they did with the Mike Harris Progressive Conservative regime. Under the Ontario Harris and later Ernie Eves PCs, the homosexual movement made dramatic, major advances with the PCs betraying their large social conservative base.

According to Maclean's, Flaherty stated, in reference to the Harris government's decision to give same-sex couples the same rights as opposite-sex couples, a decision which Watt was influential in bringing about: "Some were surprised our government took this decision ... but conservatives fundamentally believe in equality and fairness. It does, however, sometimes take leaders such as Jaime to help us live up to our ideals."
The piece goes on to chastise Flaherty for having an openly-gay chief of staff, and attack the finance minister for saying he's anti-abortion and, yet, friendly to gay people and what not. I'm not entirely clear why someone can't be gay friendly and anti-abortion though, they don't seem like mutually exclusive positions.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum the folks at Rabble and some members of the gay community are upset with Egale and Watt (and Flaherty) because, I guess, you can't be gay and conservative at the same time:
But queer activists say Watt's work for Mike Harris's Conservative government in Ontario and for the Canadian Alliance — the successor to the Reform Party, which eventually merged with the Conservative Party — should make such an award unthinkable.

"I'm sorry, that's just wrong," says Peter Bochove, a Toronto bathhouse owner who has campaigned for changes to Canadian sex laws. "I find it personally offensive. I don't understand how you can be gay and belong to these parties. Leave aside the gay community, let's talk about Walkerton, let's talk about Ipperwash, let's talk about the amalgamation of Toronto, let's talk about the 'common-sense revolution'. It's the antithesis of everything in the gay community."
That's a lot of demands for ideological purity flying from all sides. If only we were all perfect, no?

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Matt Guerin said...

Excellent post!

Lori said...

THAT is the homosexual agenda, for future reference.

Chasing Distractions said...

Great post - it doesn't make sense that they are attacking him for being both pro-life (anti-abortion) and for believing in equal rights for gays… to me pro-life includes equal rights for all, no?

Skinny Dipper said...

Good grief, Lori! You're scaring me. Or was that you're scarring me?

I remember in my youthful days that I was a member of the young Ontario PC's. Or was that the young Pisces? Anyway, Roy McMurtry was running for the leadership of the party. He met a bunch of us young Tories at someone's three-car garage home. He talked about drinkin' and drivin'. He talked about preventing underaged drinking. We all cheered for him, including me--an underaged 18 year old standing behind the bar sloshin' down some rum and Cokes.

Now, both the Ontario and federal Conservative parties are screwed up. They've moved to the right. Let's blame the homosexual agenda. Personally, I think the homosexual organizers of Pride Toronto told the Conservative Party that if the government didn't give them $400,000 for Pride Week, they organizer would move the event to the riding of Thornhill for September 2010 during the Thornhill Village Festival. Conservative MP, Peter Kent, could be the grand marshall of the village parade down Yonge Street that includes men playing with their flutes while performing 18th century military songs. Gyrating men in speedos could march behind the local boy scout troop. Nevermind that the boy scouts were started by a closeted man named Baden-Powell back in the early 20th century. The Queers against Israeli Apartheid can march beside the supporters of the Canadian Jewish Congress as a thin cardboard wall divides the two groups. Heck, even female members of B'nai Brith can participate in a mini-straight/dyke march alongside Jewish lesbians who can call themselves B'nai Breasts.

Yes, the homosexual agenda is being used to take over the Conservative Party. Next year, gays and lesbians will be taking over the Conservative riding of Thornhill. The year after, it will be Oshawa.

Homosexuals may not be able to defeat the Conservatives. It won't matter. When we start seeing Stephen Harper in a pink sweater campaigning at a gay couple's home in the next election or two, we'll know that the Conservatives have turned gay. The homosexual agenda will be deemed a success!