Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Harper and Layton meet, world keeps spinning

It appears little has come, at least yet, of yesterday's Harper-Layton tete-a-tete. My specualtion from yesterday stands though: it's in Harper's best interests to do a deal with Layton, but it would be a risky proposition for Layton to accept.

We'll see what the future may hold. And what the other parties will do. Either my Liberals will decide to go or they won't; about all I can say about that is we'll have to wait and see. What I found interesting, though, was Layton's attempts at positioning in his post-meeting presser.

The reporters tried to pin him down on whether or not he'll vote to defeat the government if the Liberals do (hey, could happen). Layton dodged, saying he doubts the Liberals ever will, that his party is the "least likely" of any party to support the government, the Liberals have voted with the Cons seven million times, and so on.

His unwillingness to give an unequivocal answer was interesting. Frankly, I wouldn't want to be pinned down either were I him, so strategically continuing to deflect any responsibility over to the Liberals is the right play for him. But when I read posts from NDP bloggers critizizing Michael Ignateff for refusing to give the same unequivical answer that Layton refuses to give, it does amuse me.

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1 comment:

ricky said...

I can't agree with you. 79 times Layton has voted non confidence in Harper and 79 time Iggy has voted confidence in Harper.

Now I know its a political game but soon a member of the LPC has to stand up.