Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A tunnel of some love, and some hate

The proposal, apparently supported by the federal and Ontario provincial governments, to build a $38 million pedestrian tunnel to Toronto's Island Aiport is drawing fire from the usual crowd: Mayor David Miller and his left-wing ilk.

Let me say that I'm not opposed to the tunnel. I think it should be easier to get to the Island airport, and I find the anti-development opposition against the Island airport off base. However, I would feel better about it were the Island airport open to airlines other than just Porter Air. I think that should be part of the discussion here.

Still, this is a worthy public infrastructure project that will benefit the public and create jobs. You know what would be another worthy project? A train link to Pearson Airport. With Vancouver's Canada Line to YVR now open, the situation in Toronto is doubly embarrassing.

We should do both projects. But the absence of one happening isn't an argument not to do the other.

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Karen said...

Won't this tunnel only provide access to the airport?

I'm not opposed to tunnel per se, just don't see it as a public funding project.

signed, Not one of the usual crowd, ;)

Jeff said...

And the island airport itself is a piece of public infrastructure. Porter is a tenant. I believe there are several other businesses there, but Porter is the only airline.

In much the same way, Pearson Airport is a piece of public infrastructure as well, with Air Canada and other airlines as tenants.

Concerned Albertan said...

Other airlines can fly to the airport, there is space to build a non-porter terminal if someone wanted to buy out leases from other firms. Or they could operate without a terminal!

Anonymous said...

The Cons have been extremely generous in terms of making sure that Porter has an advantageous arrangement for their operations. It's amazing that they'll be so tight-fisted on things that would broadly benefit the city (new streetcars, more streetcar routes) but for Robert DeLuce's little operation it's another story.

And they still wonder why they can't win a seat in the 416.

Unknown said...

Imagine two tunnels at the eastern and western gaps that allow for bike and pedestrian traffic, and complete a circumference through the Toronto Islands and the Queens Quay via the port lands.
All the charity runs could be done there.
The Island airport would be serviced via the western gap tunnel that would exit at Hanlans point.

Imagine the eastern gap tunnel made of a clear acrylic substance, showing Lake Ontario aquaculture, and feeding into an aquarium which could be built where the abandoned Rochester Ferry terminal is.
Just Imagine!

Reynald said...

Torontonians should reflect on why they have no Conservative MPs. Could it be that TO is out of step with the rest of the country? If the federal $$ are absent then ask the mayor why he did not apply like everyone else. It is hard to be sympathetic to such arrogance. Face the fact that Porter is one of the few bright lights in Toronto at the moment. A dozen airport businesses and hundreds of thousands of passengers cannot all be wrong. Don't let partisan politics replace rational decision making. Two thumbs up for the tunnel proposal!

Jeff said...

Torontonians should reflect on why they have no Conservative MPs. Could it be that TO is out of step with the rest of the country?

And is it Alberta's fault they don't have Liberal MPs, or is it the Liberals' fault.

Really, get a clue guy.