Wednesday, August 26, 2009

If you don't build it, John McCallum will come.

Beware, Conservatives! If you don't build it, John McCallum will come.

Prior to meeting with the Burlington Chamber of Commerce, Liberal Finance Critic John McCallum stopped by one of the city's announced federal Infrastructure Stimulus Fund projects only to find no shovels in the ground.

"Canada is in a jobs crisis, yet Stephen Harper has missed his opportunity to create the new jobs we need," said Mr. McCallum. "Jim Flaherty said that these projects had to be going within 120 days after the budget in order to stimulate the economy. 211 days later, at the end of summer c
onstruction season, the budget has been an abject failure."

McCallum stopped by the park at Dundas Street and Kerns Road to view the progress that had been made with the $2.3 million promised by the Conservatives to develop it. There was no evidence of any construction.

"Stephen Harper is obviously stuck. He said back in early June that 80% of the Economic Action Plan was already implemented," said Mr. McCallum. "But millions of Canadians are scratching their heads wondering why they can't see any of it actually happening."


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Jay said...

Now that's what Iggy should have been doing all summer. Photo Ops at sites that were supposed to be under construction. Hopefully they will send McCallum around now.

Would make a great ad during the election. So where did all the money go? We have a deficit but no money spent.

RayK said...

Yet another reason that John McCallum and Michael Ignatieff should be ashamed that they put Stephen Harper in charge of Canada's economic stimulus efforts--during the most serious jobs crisis in decades--rather than work with the NDP.


Jennifer Smith said...

We've got a nice infrastructure project here in Milton: a brand new library / arts centre! Of course it still looks like an old Hydro building, but that's only because they still haven't torn down the old Hydro building.

rockfish said...

More reason why Jacko-layton should bury his head for having conspired to bring us Harper in the first place... Two elections, two 'surprise!' pieces of 'unfiltered' interference that proves to give Harper his taxpayer-paid holiday: pawn-Judy's RCMP faux investigation into the budget leak, and the Duffy do-over.
What cheap tricks do the CONs have up their sleeves next?
And why won't jack stand up for Canada?

Barcs said...

"And why won't jack stand up for Canada?"


Layton voted against Martin... once.... And Martin promptly lost the next election to Harper.

Since then Layton regularly votes against the Tories. It was Dion and now the Iggy-Dion that continually vote their support of the government while simultaneously telling us how bad it is.

If you want to know why we aren't having an election to remove Harper ask Iggy... And remember how important EI was to the liberals in the spring? Why are they avoiding a confidence vote on what the panel that iggy "Won" brings back this fall?