Saturday, August 08, 2009

The Michael Ignatieff hiding in plain sight summer tour 2009

If you follow the national media pundits, you know that Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff has been hiding this summer, he's been missing, hasn't been seen. And now there's photographic and video evidence!

Here's all the places Michael hasn't been this summer...

Here's Michael not touring a farmer's market in Peterborough this morning. Word is Zsuzsanna did not buy fresh green beans which they will not have for dinner tonight.

Here's Michael not buying lemonade from a young lady this morning. (PS, I think she could probably get away with charging 75 cents)

Here's Michael not speaking at the Musée de la Rivière Cascapédia in Bonaventure on August 7th.

Here's video of Michael not speaking in the Gaspé.
Here's Michael and Zsuzsanna not on a plane on August 7th.

Here's Michael not chatting with a constituent at a BBQ in his riding on August 7th.

Here's Michel not talking to the media with MP Carolyn Bennett at the Barrie Community Health Centre on July 31st.

Here's Michael not touring the Barrie Community Health Centre on July 31st.

Here's Michael not meeting the head of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress on July 31st.

Here's Michael not welcoming back LPC national director Rocco Rossi after his fundraising kayaking trip up the Rideau Canal on July 28th.

Here's Michael not touring the Kruger Mill in Gatineau on July 24th.

Here's Michael not working a cotton candy machine at a St.-Jean Baptiste event on June 24th.

Here's Michael not meeting with Jean Charest at his St.-Jean Baptiste reception in Quebec City on June 24th.

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EB-5 Dreamlife said...

Here's an announcement for an event that is not taking place in my riding in a couple of weeks:


Steve V said...

Oh, that's perfect Jeff. Can't wait until he's not out east next week.

A Eliz. said...

I guess all the media now will hate Harper, and run to Michael

Quixotique said...

Tee hee! Funny how I came across your post yesterday Jeff - AFTER I had come across news items about Michael's trip to Peterborugh in the Examiner. If the national media and pundits don't notice where Michael is/has been all summer, it's due to laziness or purposeful ignorance. Or it's due to "national media snobbery" (if he's not making national news, he's not making news, period). If he is getting good local coverage and exposure for himself, the party and our candidates, he's doing his job, no doubt.

kenlister1 said...

Personally, I am simply offended at the picture from the Gaspe. There is not one Canada flag in the room. How unpatriotic he is eh?

Steve V said...

Call me crazy, but I see Canadian flags in these photos. Or maybe you're crazy, like most Cons, and just see what you want, oblivious to the reality right in front of your face.

Jeff said...

I think that was sarcasm, Steve, and a reference to the coalition leaders photo-op flag brouhaha...