Monday, August 10, 2009

(Video) Judy Rebick has some concerns about the NDP

Looks like NDP stalwart Judy Rebick has some concerns about the direction of the NDP that a name-change won't fix.

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leftdog said...

I am sure that you share Judy's left wing ideological policy perspectives, hence her opinion is so important to you.

Ms. Rebick definitely has opinions which are always welcome in the New Democratic Party. However, the party itself, has in past, disagreed with Ms. Rebicks's views. " she (Rebick) helped lead the New Politics Initiative, a movement that worked both inside and outside the New Democratic Party to refocus it as an activist party. The NPI's platform was rejected at the 2001 NDP convention in Winnipeg,

Youf gleeful posting of her comments, moments after her CBC Morning appearance smacks of typical Liberal fear that the New Democrats may well change their name to the Democratic Party of Canada and continue on the road of eroding Liberal support, as it should be!

Jeff said...

Oh, mercy.

If you believe nothing else I say, then believe this: I could not be happier if your and your fellow travelers ignore the advice of people like Rebick and others. And I'd be pleased as punch if you go right ahead and call yourselves the Democratic Party.

Nothing, I can assure you, would please me more.

Enjoy your convention.

Scott in Montreal said...

leftdog just underlined the point for Judy. There is such a paranoid defensiveness and disinterest in dissenting opinion in his comment. That's just what she's talking about, and that's what is the biggest turn-off about the party recently. We do need to get all progressives into the same boat soon though, or the damage Harper will do to this country will split us apart. That may even be his larger agenda.

Steve V said...

"continue on the road of eroding Liberal support, as it should be!"

Actually, if you're listening carefully, she said you should have eroded our support further in the last election, it was your perfect storm, the fact you didn't SHOULD cause some introspection. From the Liberal perspective, I can assure you that nothing makes us happier than you guys thinking all is well in NDP land. Lets hope you continue to ignore the likes of Rebick. Anyways, back to counting confidence motions, which simply reaffirm how marginalized you've become. Enjoy.

leftdog said...

It always amazes me how otherwise Right leaning Liberals suddenly start sounding like lefties if they can find some way to try and get a shot in at New Democrats. Quite humourous, actually! Thanks for letting me post.

Greg said...

For what it is worth (nothing), I think Rebick is right.

Greg said...

Don't take what I said as in any way an endorsement of the Liberals, or as I like to call them Bleeding Heart Conservatives.