Monday, August 10, 2009

Where Michael Ignatieff wasn't this weekend

Since many of you enjoyed the first set of pictures from the Michael Ignatieff Hiding in Plain Sight Summer Tourpaolloza 2009, here's a few more pictures showing where Michael wasn't and what he wasn't doing just this past weekend alone.

No, that's not a bunch of people with Michael at the Canadian Canoe Museum.

Here are Michael and Zsuzsanna not checking-out Pierre Trudeau's famous canoeing jacket at the Canadian Canoe Museum.

Here's Michael not listening to Jeremy Ward, curator of the Canadian Canoe museum, as he doesn't talk about a very shiny canoe.

Here's Michael not giving Zsuzsanna a flower at the Peterborugh Farmer's Market. And it's not pesticide-free either.

No, that's not a vendor at the Peterborugh Farmer's Market that Michael and Zsuzsanna are not meeting, and those aren't fresh vegetables that she's not selling.

No, that's not the media that Michael is not talking to at the
Peterborugh Farmer's Market. You so crazy!

This is not Michael giving a high-five to a girl at the Peterborugh Farmer's Market.
And her father is clearly not a Maple Leafs fan either.

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Steve V said...

Personally, I think Michael should be spending far more time secluded in Ottawa developing policy, getting the organization together, helping draft candidates, all those things the media said he needed to do this summer, before the summer started. Enough with all this high profile glad handing, that means nothing, unless you're not doing it.

As a preview, Michael will also not be in PEI, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick this week.

sjw said...

Does he ever get out and about with anybody other than white people?