Monday, September 21, 2009

Liberals are making a mistake in Outremont

I sincerely hope Michael Ignatieff will reconsider his decision, and allow Martin Cauchon to contest the Liberal nomination in Outremont. Cauchon is the kind of person we need on the Liberal team, and sidelining him is a mistake:

Quebec politics have always puzzled me and Quebec Liberal politics have always infuriated me. And I'm feeling both emotions the more I read about how the Liberal Party is blocking popular former MP and cabinet minister Martin Cauchon from even seeking the Liberal nomination in the riding of Outremont.
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Scott Tribe, Steve V., John Lennard and Dan Arnold have also written on the topic.

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A Eliz. said...

It remins me of last time when they just crowned one...and lost.

DivaRachel said...

Didn't the Liberals block Saint Justin from running in his own area last time?

Jim said...

Hmmm, I know in your minds I belong to the party of the Devil, but at least in my EDA I got to vote for my choice of candidate.

That doesn't seem to happen much in the Liberal party.

BTW, my personal opinion is that Coderre is going to destroy the LPQ. He is a boorish moron with leadership aspirations.

Personally, I would love to see him as Liberal leader...Hizbullah anyone?

Keep up the mediocre work Libs!

Jason Hickman said...

I guess Muclair will get to run for Jack!'s job after all...