Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Some pictures from Nashville

I'm down in Nashville covering a conference for work so don't expect much in the way of blogging over the next few days. Seems like a decent time for a Liberal to get out of the country anyways...

But in lieu of political spin, here's a few pictures of my pre-conference day yesterday in Nashville, where I did the tourist thing. On the agenda was a city tour, the Country Music Hall of Fame (I'm not a fan but, when in Nashville...) and a Predators/Oilers game.

It was so tacky I just had to buy it.

The Sommett Center, home of the Predators. Was surprised to learn its pronounced Sew-May.

I have a dream. That one day a black man and a while man will come together to open a bail bond business, and that they will exploit my moving words about racial struggle for commercial gain. I have a dream!
No sir, I apologize but you cannot bring your handgun into this bar because we have posted a prohibition in plain sight. Don't blame me, blame the Northern liberal Yankees.

My lunch: Chicken-fried chicken. Needed a third chicken element, but still very delish.

Home field of the NFL's Tennessee Titans.

The Tennessee State Capitol. Rather than design it with the usual dome, the architect built a tower that looks like a lantern that lights-up at night.

A to-scale replica Parthenon. In Nashville. They built it for their centennial or something. Because...I don't know.

Historic recording studio on music row where Elvis Presley and many other famous Nashville stars recorded.

Some country guy's customized car from the 50s or something. Apparently guns were the bling of the period, and the rims of today.

Elvis Presley's gold piano.

The corn field from Hee-Haw.

Hank Williams' Monday Night Football jacket and guitar.

An impressive selection of condiments at the Predators game. Yes, in addition to the usual suspects you see ranch sauce and mayo. I just put ketchup on my burger, but it felt good to have options.

Pre-game skate.

There were a few fights. And these American hockey fans all loved it. At least those in the half-empty arena.

Game action.

Live music during the intermissions was fun.

The Oilers celebrate one of their many goals on the night.

The Oilers celebrate their 6-1 victory over the Nashville Predators. Fun game.

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Anonymous said...

Being a Titan fan I've always wanted to visist the "Athens of the South"

Barcs said...

Looks like a fun trip :)

I would love to get around to watch some sports down there. A titans game would be awesome.

But I do have to comment that that sign prohibiting guns. It is probably both more cost efficient,... and more effective that the current system in Canada.

Jason Hickman said...

That lunch looks good. Does it come with a free angioplasty?

Jeff said...

Barcs, I think the per capita incidents of gun crime would say otherwise, but that's a whole other kettle of fish. I just find it amusing there's a sign saying no guns allowed in the bar.

Jason, angioplasty was part of the public option, so no. Obama!!

leftdog said...

Great pics! I've been there and I like Nashville a lot. It looks like you saw a nice slice of it. Thanks!