Thursday, October 29, 2009

Video: The real person project

Michael Ignatieff: Kids like him, he can make fun of himself, and he won't subject us to his singing. Throw in some policy and we have a start.

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CanadianSense said...

Jeff we both agree MI is a nice guy and with the help of the CBC and MSM he has been able to hold onto the 1867 level of support.

Moving forward what gives you confidence in your party to change the channel from the last 12-36 months?

Dion was also a nice guy and had some good TV spots compliments of CBC and MSM.

In your opinion, what has been the reasons to have postpone an adult conversation regarding the policies and platform of the Liberal party?

We were told June 2009. Have you seen it?

Thanks and welcome back again.

Jeff said...

what gives you confidence in your party to change the channel from the last 12-36 months

I don't think I've said that I have such confidence. I do, however, think that it is achievable.

To get there, there are many things the party needs to do. Some they're doing. Some they're starting to do. Some they're not yet.

I think this thing can definitely be turned around. Turning it around will be the challenge though. Time will tell.

postpone an adult conversation

First of all, that's a loaded phrase. Adult conversation. If you mean going out and saying "this is a huge deficit and the only way to balance it is going to be tax increases and massive program cuts" how do you see that scenario playing out? The last time Ignatieff even hinted in a hypothetical scenario that he couldn't rule out a tax increase the Cons jumped all over it, and they still use it out of context today. You need to ask yourself, to Canadians want to have an, as you put it, "adult conversation"? I'm skeptical. They're more likely to punish brutal honesty. It's possible, but you really need to be able to sell it. I'm not sure we can.

That said, there is a middle-ground between suicidal transparency close-minded pollyanna.

We were told June 2009.

Oh really, you know better. Show we where I can download the CPC, NDP, BQ platforms?

He said the platform would be written and prepared by June. And it was. It's in a drawer and will be released during the campaign, same as every other party. So let's not be silly.

As for talking about policy though, you know I think that I've been wanting more of that from the LPC. And in the last few weeks we've seen a start on that: early learning and childcare, women's issues, the environment. There's a balance to be struck and I'd like to see more, but it's a start.

A Eliz. said...

The Liberals would like to do many things, nothing wrong with that.
The only thing wrong, is that Harper will make sure there is no money for anyone to do anything more. He has vengeance.