Thursday, November 19, 2009

I think the Conservatives owe Colvin a cash reward

Once again, the gap between Conservative rhetoric and Conservative reality is gaping. This time, whistleblowing is in the spotlight.

Here's what the Conservatives had to say about whistleblowers in their 2006 election platform, Stand-Up for Canada:

And here's what they have to say about whistleblowers now:

According to their platform, it would seem that, far from trying to discredit him, they actually owe Richard Colvin a monetary reward.

I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for that cheque in the mail though, Mr. Colvin.

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A Eliz. said...

Remember Linda Keene

rockfish said...

Judging from Tommy Flanagan's scripted going over the CON talking points on CBC this afternoon, I'd say the CONs are desperately trying to bail water on this and project the whole mess as a Liberal scandal... unfortunately, that doesn't meet the real smell test, since the true violation being suggested here is the implicit ignorance or disregard of international law, by the actions or non-actions of the ministers (ir)responsible from 2006 forward.

Barcs said...

If there is actual evidence that the Canadian armed forces are complicit in war crimes (as the liberals seem to be suggesting) then lets see it.

Otherwise stop smearing the good name of those people who would stand a wall and protect you.

Jeff said...

Oh really barcs, I'm finding it hard to resist the urge to say bite me. And don't hide behind the troops, using them as a shield is pathetic. I have no quarrel with the soldiers, but with the government that put them in unfortunate situations.

And the talking points are out of date. The Conservative government acknowledged and admitted there were troubles in Afghan prisons and with the detainee transfer program, that's why they reformed the system back in 2007. So let's not go around trying to deny problems that were admitted and addressed two years ago.

Instead, let's talk about the smear campaign this government has launched against a senior civil servant, and their attempts to cover-up his allegations.