Monday, January 03, 2011

Julian Fantino doubles-down on Liberals=Nazis

It's really a shame, although completely understandable, that Conservative HQ kept Julian Fantino away from the media with a pitchfork during the Vaughan by-election. Because every time this guy opens his mouth in front of a reporter, the results never fail to be entertaining.

Take these comments by Fantino shortly after last November's by-election win, where he proceeds to play the sore winner with aplomb:
"I think they [the Liberals] intended to hurt my campaign. The things they said ... a lot of them were absolute lies. They keep repeating [them]. I call it the Hitler Theory. You tell a lie often enough you hope that some people will believe it."
His whiny tone expressing surprise his opponents wouldn't just step aside, recognize his obvious awesomeness and concede to a coronation aside, Fantino pathetically smearing his opponents with the Nazi card speaks to an intellectual vapidness that makes obvious why he ran away from all candidates debates left, right and centre.

Obviously, the Liberals called on Fantino to apologize and/or Harper to take him aside and tell him to smarten-up. Obviously, the call went unheeded and last week, in an interview with his local paper.

Fantino made clear that not only wouldn't he apologize for comparing the Liberals to Nazis, but that they should apologize to him. I guess, for acting like Nazis or something.
Shortly after the Nov. 25 byelection, Fantino drew fire when he drew comparisons between the campaign and Hitler, a comment he says was taken out of context.

“A lot of this is show business and taking things out of context,”Fantino said. “What I did … refer to a process that I experienced and not cast aspersion on any particular person.

“That whole passage of history is unpleasant. And some of the things that happened to me on my campaign were unpleasant too.”

Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff called on Fantino to apologize.

“Mr. Ignatieff can stand on his soapbox all he wants: I am not making any apologies,” Fantino said. “I feel like I was the victim and he should be apologizing to me.”
First of all, Julian, would you care to explain exactly what the context was that would make your comparison of the Liberals to Nazis something other than asinine? Because I'm not seeing it.

So you weren't comparing one specific Liberal to Nazis, just all of them?

Or they're not Nazis, they just act like Nazis?

Keep digging, Julian. Keep digging.

I do see the hilarity in your complaining about personal attacks, comparing your opponents to Nazis, and then demanding they apologize for being Nazi meanies.

I always figured Fantino was a bully, but I am surprised by his utter inability to take a punch. And for someone who supposedly hates personal attacks, I look forward to the first time the teenagers in the PMO give him a member's statement attack script to read in the House, or he takes a look at his party's advertising, talking points, and entire modus operandi.

Some advice: Be careful who you compare your own party to, Julian.

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CK said...

I think Fantino's political career will be very short lived.

As you've pointed out, he won't tolerate being micromanaged by those youngsters in the PMO's office, especially enjoying the better part of two decades being in charge; being left to his own devices.

He obviously hated campaigning, given his whine fests. He'll have to back to it sooner rather than later; whether or not there's a federal election this spring, in a minority situation, as you know, Harper is in perpetual campaign mode.

When the writ is finally dropped, Harper won't have enough minions to babysit him full time during the election campaign (assuming he's still around, of course).

Jesse said...

I suppose Ignatieff's too honest to try to suggest that "this type of thing is why we stopped pursuing him as a candidate".

CK said...

So, Jesse, Just because the Liberals courted him first, Fantino's behavior should be excused?

Jesse said...


No, he's a scumbag. I was saying it'd be nice if we could blame his running as a Con on this kind of crap. I wouldn't have supported him as a Liberal candidate.