Saturday, January 01, 2011

Top blogs of 2010

Happy New Year! As we move into 2011, here's a look at the top 10 blog posts you read around these parts in 2011.

1. Video: Bob Rae on piano singing "Stephen Harper: He Prorogues"
Proving that Stephen Harper isn't the only politician that can play the piano, Bob Rae upped the ante by re-writing the Beatles "Let it Be" with lyrics about prorogation. We'll hope for Harper/Rae dueling pianos in 2011.

2. Do the rules not apply to Helena Guergis?
The first of many Helena Guergis posts to crack the top 10. This post is actually from 2008, but Guergis was a popular twitter topic in 2010. This post related to her improper releaser of information on an opposition trip to Afghanistan when she was secretary of state for foreign affairs.

3. (UPDATED) Helana Guergis earns an MBA while serving in cabinet?
This post looked over Helena Guergis' education record, reporting that it appears she was able to earn an (e)MBA while, at the same time, serving in cabinet. It generated some controversy as some felt I was implying she falsified her resume. Actually, I was wondering how someone could do an effective job as a cabinet minister while, at the same time, earning an MBA.

4. Sun distorts Rae's position on Quebec arena funding
Quebec City's push for the feds to pony-up $175 million to build an arena has been controversial. Sun Media published a piece that indicated Bob Rae supported funding the rink, but checking with Rae proved that just wasn't the case. Surely the confusion had nothing to do with Sun's owner being the potential beneficiary of any funding...

5. You don't need Admiral Ackbar to see through Stephen Harper
Hard to go wrong with a Star Wars reference. As Harper tried to get himself from under the prorogation controversy, his supposed strategic genius was reminiscent of Admiral Ackbar.

6. The Conservative $16 billion fighter jet boondoggle
Early in the still ongoing stealth fighter debate, I look at our next-generation fighter options and outline why I feel going to a competitive tender process is the way to go.

7. More lighter side: Colbert nails gun control and the Nazi card
Another older post, this one from 2006. But with the gun registry a major issue in Canada in 2010, this post about Stephen Colbert nailing an anti-gun registry campaigner in the U.S. was topical again.

8. The Conservative $2 million fake lake comedy round-up
When you write about Canadian politics, sometimes all you can do is laugh at the sheer absurdity of it all. Web land certainly had fun with the Conservative's G-20 fake lake, and this post rounded-up some of the best fake lake one-liners.

9. Maxime Bernier's stay in a monastery, and Brian Mulroney's advice
This post from 2009, but with Maxime Bernier positioning himself as a conservative thinker and potential future leadership candidate in 2010, his time in a Quebec monastery seems to have paid divine dividends.

10. Harper's "help" for women: no abortions, no contraceptives?
Leading-up to the G-20, Harper's proposed signature initiative and focus was to be around improving maternal and child care in the developing world. Would they let their social conservative roots get in the way though by cutting funding to family planning and abortion services? Depended on who you talked to.

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