Thursday, February 24, 2011

Buy your own iPad, Stockwell

Conservatives are telling Canadians we need to tighten our belts. Sure, there are billions for Cadillac stealth fighters, and billions more to give tax breaks to the big banks. But help families care for sick loved ones, put their children through college or university, or find affordable child care? Can’t afford it, the Conservatives insist. It’s time for austerity. Suck it up.

It seems though that for these Conservatives, austerity doesn’t begin at home. YOU need to tighten your belt. But Stockwell Day wants you to pay for his iPad.

The government allows cabinet ministers and senior staff to expense iPads. However, last November, Parliament’s Board of Internal Economy, chaired by Speaker Peter Milliken, decided that iPads should not be allowed as expenses covered by a members’ office budget.

Mr. Day indicated this week he disagrees.

If there’s any doubt that a Conservative culture of entitlement has taken hold, this should dispel it. Canadians need to tighten our belts and do without, but we should drop over $800 so Stock can play Angry Birds during question period.

Here’s an idea, Stockwell: buy your own iPad.

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The Rat said...

I guess you mean Stockwell should buy his own laptop, or desktop, or blackberry, maybe supply his own paper and toner, too? Allowing iPads to be included in allowable types of equipment a minister can buy is hardly shocking, nor is the price tag.

Jeff said...

So Stock is entitled to his entitlements? He can buy anything he wants; I don't want to pay for it though. We already bought him a laptop. He can buy his own iPad if he wants one that bad. Times are tough, suck it up Stock.

CuJoYYC said...

Hey Stockwell,

I'll make you a deal. You repay the $792,064 in taxpayer funds that the Government of Alberta paid out to settle a defamation lawsuit brought against you due to your abject inability to comprehend even the basics of our judicial system, and I'll give you a shiny new iPad from our inventory. Hell, I'll even throw in a sweet carrying case that matches your man-purse. The taxpayers of Alberta would appreciate it and you could spin the gift as you supporting a LOCAL small business entrepreneur from Calgary.

Adam M. said...

Sorry, I've gotta disagree here. While I dislike Mr. Day, we have to see technology as a tool, and if that tool can help our Members of Parliament (regardless of party affiliation) do their job better or more efficiently, then it of course should be allowed to be included in their office budget.

It's not as if he's wanting to add $600 per MP, so they can purchase iPads, it's no additional funds, just a means of allocating existing funds.

As the IT Manager of a private school, we're looking at bringing in iPads (or tablets in general) into the school for many reasons, and none of them are to allow teachers or students to play Angry Birds. All of the reasons are to allow for better access to technology and information.