Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More Liberal videos

A dew more Liberal videos in recent days. Quick thoughts: I like the negative one, and I really like the family care one. I agree with what Michael is saying in the proud Canada one, but I think it feels a bit whiny: do people care that the Conservatives are mean to Ignatieff? I'm not sure.

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Morakon said...

The Family Care one is gold.

rockfish said...

I agree, family care gets the gold medal; I also like the other two and think Ignatieff does a good job of turning what begins as a personal issue into a shared one -- Canadians are Canadians are Canadians, no matter where they've been.
I just hope they get more airplay -- i'm pretty tired of that all-Ignatieff slam that's on the radio/tv. Certainly if there's a cap on spending, unless they are getting a special corporate discount, they'll be hitting their ceiling soon, right?