Thursday, March 31, 2011

Who cares what the "broadcast consortium" says?

Following up on my post Wednesday about Stephen Harper challenging Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff to a one-on-one debate, and Ignatieff telling him he'll debate Harper "any time, any place" the secret cabal of media executives known as the shadowy "media consortium" met and decided no no, that just won't do:

Canada’s broadcasters have ruled out a face-off between Stephen Harper and Michael Ignatieff and will exclude the Green Party from the upcoming official election debates.

The decision to carry debates involving only the leaders of the four main parties in Parliament follows a public battle between the Conservative and Liberal leaders, but also controversial backroom dealings between the country’s major television stations and four biggest political parties. After hours of private and public discussions on Wednesday, the consortium of broadcasters announced a late-night agreement by issuing an ultimatum to the representatives of the four parties, a source involved in the discussions said.
Yeah, I'm sorry but frankly, I could give a flying crap what the "broadcast consortium" has to say about it, and I know where they can stick their supposed "veto." A bunch of backroom media execs don't get to decide this. There are only two parties in this election with a chance of forming a government, and only two leaders that could become Prime Minister. Canadians deserve the chance to see Ignatieff and Harper go one on one and decide who has the best vision and the best plan for Canada.

Book a studio, put up two podiums and plug-in a sound board. I guarantee it will end up on TV, no matter what the "consortium" has to say about it.

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Daniel Doherty said...

Broadcasters are showing how arrogant they are and how redundant they are becoming. Forcing unpopular decisions regarding political debate...the death roars of the dinosaurs.