Saturday, February 08, 2020

Eating off the Hill: The Hungry Man at Fatboys Southern Smokehouse

This is my third time visiting Fatboys Southern Smokehouse, and it was third time the charm as I finally got the southern bbq experience I was looking for by going big on the meat.

My first visit was four years ago for a reception, and the format didn't really lend to a proper sampling of their wares. The second was a few years later for a summer holiday lunch, when I allowed myself to talk myself down to a sandwich. You don't go to a BBQ place for a sandwich; you go for meat coma.

So, this snowy winter weekend I walked in to this Byward Market BBQ joint with a plan: meat, and lots of it. That meant the Hungry Man personal BBQ tray: three meats of my choice, a side of my choice, and cornbread. I added a Diet Coke to assist with the meat ingestion.

My reward a heaping metal tray of meat that, at $29, represents good value in BBQ economics. I selected the Memphsis Ribs, Texas Beef Brisket and Chopped BBQ Chicken as my meats -- not a big pulled pork guy, so that was an easy one one. I was tempted to add a veg of some sort as my side, but I can't resist me a good mac & cheese.

Starting with the sides, forgive me southern purists but I don't care for corn bread. If bread is going to be sweet, it should be a donut or cake. I did eat it out of politness though. The mac & cheese was served hot, had a smoky flavour and was cheesy, but I didn't see any of the smoky bacon promised in the menu description.

On to the meat. I got four bones of ribs, some with some nice bark, all with nice smoke and the right amount of fall off the bone. The brisket also was nicely smoked, and I got one piece that was a bit wet and with some nice bark. And the chicken was tasty and a slightly leaner complement to my heaver beef and pork choices.

A very tasty and filling BBQ dinner, and much better than the BBQ on offer at Moe's, my last BBQ outing. Next on my list will need to be The Smoque Shack, a favourite I have taken several out of town visitors too and reviewed before but haven't visitied since they moved to a new location. Meatings has also been suggested, but a trek out to Orleans will need to wait for either a car, an LRT expansion, or at least warmer weather.

Until then, nap time.

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