Thursday, February 06, 2020

Eating on the Hill: Lamb, beef and Canadian whiskies

I haven't reported on many Parliamentary receptions lately -- partly because I haven't attended many, and partly because the food is often the same. There were some new offerings on hand though at last night's Grain Farmers/Spirits Canada reception, so I have something new to share.

The advertised highlight of the reception was a wide assortment of "exceptional Canadian whiskies made from Canada's finest grains." So I went with some trepidation, as I only take my whisky mixed with cola, preferably of the diet variety (need to watch those calories). I remember when I toured the Jameson distillery in Dublin some years back and they looked quite aghast at my request for mix when we reached the sampling room.

 Thankfully, last night it was a judgement-free zone.

They started me off with a simple Canadian Club and Diet Coke. Not a new drink for me as CC is a regular in my liquor cabinet, but it went well with my beef sliders. Carved fresh on site, the beef was nicely medium-rare, and after two on a bun I had a few more slices minus the carbs.

I asked for a more adventurous recommendation for my second and final round, and they suggested the Gooderham & Worts. Definitely a much more distinctive flavour than the CC, and went nicely with the Diet Coke.

And by this time several new pass appies were on offer. There were two spring rolls circulating -- the veggie was standard, the duck was a new one for me but just didn't hit home. I didn't snap a pic of the mini quiches. But the highlight was the meaty lamb chops -- again, medium to medium rare and juicy. Don't recall seeing them on the reception circuit before -- well done.

All in all an enjoyable nosh; thank you to Canada's assorted grain farming organizations from coast to coast to coast for hosting.

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