Tuesday, November 09, 2021

Eating off the Hill: Rotisserie chicken dinner with my air fryer

 As mentioned a few weeks ago, I bought an air fryer. And while I quickly tried the usual air fryer favourites like like chicken wings, tendies, sammies and tater tots, this model also featured a rotisserie function which I was eager to try. And for Sunday dinner last week, I did just that.

My roast chicken experience is limited to spatchcocking for roasting in a cast iron pan. I've gotten good at that, but that method doesn't require trussing. For rotisserie it's a necessity, so I consulted the Google machine and YouTube, having secured butcher's twine, and gave it a shot.

I thought I had it in good shape, then once I put it in the fryer and starting the spinning, the wings were all flopping around. I took it out and tried to secure the wings with trial and frustration. Putting it back in again, now the drumsticks were flopping. More twine and profanity later, it was tied down and, having rubbed the chicken in olive oil and seasoned it with salt and pepper, I left it to spin.

The recipe I followed recommended 60 minutes at 350F, and I was able to quickly able to welcome the smell of roasting chicken -- but without the heat given off by a full-sized oven -- and without the need to pre-heat.

I kept an eye on it, especially as time ticked down, to make sure it didn't burn. I needn't have worried; it came out with a beautiful golden brown at 60 minutes, and was up to temp. I took it out and tented it in foil to rest, happy to find juices in the pan for a homemade gravy.

Platting with sautéed gnocchi and mushrooms and my chicken gravy, chop salad on the side, it was a tasty Sunday dinner accomplished in less time than it would have taken to roast it in the oven. Leftovers for days, and the opportunity to replenish my homemade chicken stock supply. And Farm Boy had whole chickens on sale yesterday, so I already have the next roast chicken in the freezer.

Will be another chance to improve my trussing technique...

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