Friday, February 17, 2023

Why early nominations need to be part of rebuilding a competitive Ontario Liberal Party

I managed my first OLP campaign, and my second campaign overall as a manager, in 2014 in Parkdale-High Park. We had an amazing candidate, a strong team and lots of resources but, in the end, we fell just short – 544 votes shy of defeating a popular NDP incumbent.

That loss stung, and it stayed with me for awhile. Not just because our candidate would have been an amazing MPP. But because we came so close. I’ve won and lost campaigns by varying margins, but nothing hurts more than a close loss. You start to think about what you could have done differently. The little things that could have made a big difference.

And looking back, there is one clear thing I can point to, and unfortunately it was something out of our control – despite only one candidate seeking the nomination for months, the nomination meeting wasn’t finally called until the day the writ dropped.

If we had been nominated months or even weeks earlier, that would have been more time to knock doors as the official Liberal candidate. We could have gotten her in front of more voters. I can’t help but think what a difference that extra time knocking doors could have made in such a close result.

That's why, while this isn’t strictly a communications issue, if I'm elected to the executive council as vice-president communications I will be a vocal proponent for early nominations.

As soon as the next leader is elected, we need to begin candidate recruitment and start getting candidates nominated as quickly as possible, as part of a clear and transparent nominations process.

I want to give our candidates all the time we can to begin building their teams, fundraise, and knock on doors ahead of the next election. And to listen to residents about their concerns and their ideas, and how we can help them. 

That’s how we’re going to grow our support and offer a strong progressive alternative to the Ford Conservatives in 2026.

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