Saturday, September 30, 2023

Eating off the Hill: Lobster Ravioli at Metropolitain Brasserie

A friend I hadn't seen in awhile was visiting Ottawa recently and, after a tour around Parliament Hill (I never miss Centre Block more than when it comes to tours as there was so much more to see and share) it was time for a good dinner.

I'm trying to be healthier these days for reasons but, after behaving myself all day, I was ready for a good but sensibly-sized meal and so we headed to the Metropolitain Brasserie for their fine French fare. It was quiet as we were early and the politicos were not yet back in town and, while the French food is decadent, their portions are sensible.

There were some interesting choices and, after scanning the menu, I opted for the Lobster Ravioli with seared sea scallops, rose sauce, chives and crumbled chèvre.

It was absolutely delicious. The scallops were big, juicy and perfectly seared. The ravioli was cooked perfectly, and the rich sauce was delicious and flavorful, completed well by the crumbled chèvre.

The perfect dish for catching up with a friend, who tried unsuccessfully to tempt me with her fries (which did look delicious) as she enjoyed her Croque Monsieur. And I managed to keep on track with my health goals for the day.

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