Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Eating off the Hill: Pantheon in Toronto

During a recent visit to Toronto I has the opportunity to dine with friends at Pantheon in Toronto's Greek town on the Danforth. I always enjoy Greek food and have been here before, although this choice was the product of careful research and due diligence amongst our friend group.

The restaurant seemed much smaller than we recalled it being from our last visit, pre-pandemic. It wasn't until we left that we realized they had given up half their floor space to a cookie bakery. Definitely not Greek, but tasty -- I had sampled it a few months prior.

Also subject to much deliberation and consideration was my entrée selection. And in the end, although I have enjoyed the Bifteki in the past, I decided on this day to get the mixed grill.

This includes lamb chops, chicken souvlaki and sausage as proteins. All were excellent. And quite filling; I had about half the plate and brought the other half back to the hotel for a future breakfast. The veggies were fine, very buttery, which probably reduced the healthiness a smidge.

The eagle-eyed among you may notice I haven't referenced the Greek potatoes. The Greek are renowned for their potatoes, and Pantheon is well regarded for their preparation. As my doctor wants be avoiding foods like potatoes, white pasta and rice, I asked for my potatoes on a side plate and they were enjoyed by my dining companions.

All in all, a delicious night on the Danforth.

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