Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Eating on the road: Ferro Bar & Cafe in Toronto

Meeting a friend for dinner during a recent visit to Toronto, we ended up at a place near his new workplace on St. Clair Avenue West, an area of Toronto I'm not too familiar with.

Ferro Bar & Cafe was a cozy spot and pretty busy on a Friday evening, but we were seated quickly at a high top table. I find these awkward to get into and prefer a table and chairs of the usual height, but any port in a storm as they say.

We started with the BRUSCHETTA POMODORO as an appetizer which helpfully came with four pieces -- two for each of us. It was tasty, flavorful and fresh. Sometimes bruschetta tastes like the topping was made long ago but this tasted fresh and a good start to the meal.

I had pondered my choice of main long and hard, pre-scouting the menu online as I usually do. While I've been on a protein over carbs kick of late, being at an Italian restaurant I put this aside and ordered the GNOCCHI ALLA GORGONZOLA, described on the menu as Fresh potato gnocchi in an Italian gorgonzola-cream sauce + parmigiana + honey walnuts.

I like me a good gorgonzola-cream sauce and this one was rich, flavorful and delicious. The gnocchi was cooked perfectly, portion was good, and I liked the inclusion of the walnuts for a textural contrast. My only note would be that they could have been more generous with the walnuts. I broke them up so I could enjoy them more.

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