Monday, December 11, 2023

Eating on the road: Asian fusion at The Odd Couple in Saskatoon

The people's business took me to Saskatoon last month, and I quickly dusted off the dining recommendations I had received during my impromptu layover on The Canadian and did some new research of my own.

Sakatoon is not without its fine dining options. It is just a short list. There are a number of very good options, and I was said that many were closed on Sunday and Monday nights. But if you searched best restaurants in the city on Yelp, Pita Pit comes in at number 7 so, yeah, it drops off a cliff.

Well recommended by both locals and Yelp though was The Odd Couple, an Asian Fusion place a nice 15 minute walk from my downtown hotel -- just enough to work up an appetite.

I started with the Vietnamese Spring Rolls as my appetizer. These were four meaty and filling pork-based spring rolls. For a couple sharing this is a perfect appetizer. For me, it was a bit too much. But it was tasty and filling, and I can see why it's a popular choice. The fresh cucumber slices were a nice light contrast to the heaviness of the spring rolls.

There were a number of very interesting main options. I consider the Thai Chicken Strips and the Kung Pao Chicken 2 Ways, but in the end I went with my rule of ordering something it would be hard for me to make myself at home.

That meant the Beef Tenderloin + Mango Slaw, described on the menu as Canadian Tenderloin (7oz) Wok-Fry with Thai Basil, Garlic and Thai Chilli Soy Sauce. Topped with Kaffir Lime Leaves. Mango, JalapeƱo, Cilantro, House Mango Cucumber Salsa. Served with Coconut Rice. The rice was served in a side bowl and didn't make the shot but trust me, its there.

The beef was indeed tender and very flavourful, and I enjoyed the coconut rice. I love mango and the mango slaw was a big draw for this dish. It didn't mix well though, I think serving it on the side was the right call.

All in all, I walked back to my hotel unable to eat another bite and slept well my first night on the prairie. Would recommend for your next Saskatoon visit.

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