Thursday, December 21, 2023

Eating on the road: Steak in Saskatoon

My last meal in Saskatoon was on a Monday night, which is not a great night for many fancier restaurants as they tend to be closed Sunday/Monday to give the staff some time off. So a few of the prospects on my list had to drop. I was left though with a very nice steakhouse just a block from my hotel, Cut Casual Steak and Tap.

It was a well-appointed and high-end looking steakhouse. And it being a steakhouse I, of course, went with the steak -- NY strip being my go-to for steaks.

Being steak it, of course, came with potatoes. I'm trying to avoid starchy carbs so I said please hold the potatoes but I'd like compensatory vegetables to make ip for it. As you can see, I don't think they did this at all.

The mushrooms were an at-cost add-on as I believe you shouldn't have steak without mushrooms. Given the fact that I did pay an extra $8 for these mushrooms I was disappointed both in quantity and quality -- it seemed like they had been sitting for awhile rather than being made fresh.

The steak itself, at least, was excellent, cooked to order, tasty and tender. I'd expect nothing less on the prairie.

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