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Eating on the road: Sea Smoke Restaurant and Bar in Halifax

For lunch I walked over to another spot on my recommended list, on the Halifax waterfront at Bishop's Landing a stone's throw from The Bicycle Thief: Sea Smoke Restaurant and Bar.

Unlike my late night dinner at The Bicycle Thief, it was daylight and I was shown to a cozy table with a view out onto the boardwalk and of the harbour. This place felt slightly more touristy but it was quiet at this time of day. There's a patio that I bet would be a lot of fun in the summer, but not so much in December.

I had pre-scouted the menu of course and this place was on my seafood chowder list. But hearing the specials and it being a cool December day on the waterfront (though not inside, thankfully) when hearing the specials I called an audible and also ordered a boozy hot chocolate.

Flavour was there but it failed to live up to its name: this hot chocolate was not hot. Lukewarm at best, trending cool. In retrospect I should have sent it back but I'm loathe to be that person. Taste was there, but needless to say it did not warm my insides like I had anticipated.

They had some interesting appies that were all Asian-inspired. I opted for the crispy wontons, described as Cremini Mushrooms, buttercup squash, ponzu glaze, gochugaru aioli. 

They were plated beautifully and were a tasty nosh. Not much to say, they were as described and I liked them.

As I said though, chowder was the reason for my visit. So for my main, and intending to have dinner later so not wanting something heavy, I ordered the seafood and corn chowder. Described on the menu as: Fresh lobster, haddock, cod, salmon, sweet corn.


Bougie fancy bowl, grilled bread on the side. I would rank this as my second favourite chowder of my Halifax trip, just behind their neighbour Bicycle Thief and significantly ahead of Evan's. Rich, creamy and flavourful, meaty and chunky. Very tasty and, thankfully, served properly hot.

Left me fortified to go back out and face the chill.

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