Saturday, December 02, 2006

Forgive my profanity but hell yes!!

The third ballot results are in and Stephane has leapfrogged BOTH Iggy and Rae to move into first place, with 37 per cent of the vote. Do you believe in miracles?

Gerard Kennedy delivered in a really big way. Here’s the stats:

: 1782 votes 37 per cent

: 1616 votes 34.5 per cent

: 1375 votes 28.5 per cent

Spoiled: 6 votes

Total cast: 4823

Needed to win: 2410

So Rae is done and it’s Dion and Ignatieff on the final ballot. It’s looking that while Rae might go over to Iggy he is releasing his supporters to go where they wish. That is really, really huge. Correction, Rae is staying neutal. This is even more huge, I am positively over the moon.

Look at the numbers. Iggy’s people were spinning 35 per cent on the first ballot for their guy, and after three ballots they STILL aren’t there. You can’t spin that away. Look at the growth. Michael picked-up 135 votes, while Dion grew by an earth shattering 642 votes. Look at the momentum: Dion.

Now the question is where do Rae’s people go. I have to think they break for Dion; the ideological gulf to bridge between Iggy and Rae is just too wide. I’m slightly delirious at the moment, I need to go down to the floor and soak up the atmosphere. It will be Treo-blogging from the floor with the results, and either way it's sure to be pandemonium.

What a day!

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Steve V said...

Congratulations! Moving to first on this ballot is a shocker, and a testament to Kennedy's ability to deliver his delegates.

Dion ran a great campaign and you guys should be proud today!! I don't see how he loses now.

Anonymous said...


I am proud of your candidate and all that he has accomplished. As I stated on my own blog, I was a Kennedy supporter from the beginning, however, I have no problem going door to door for the future Prime Minister Dion.