Monday, March 26, 2007

Could this reunite Paul and Linda?

I read in the Vancouver Sun that my hometown in B.C. is being over-run with harbour seals, and the local Blame Seals First crowd complain the protected seals are eating all the salmon. Meanwhile, the seal huggers say humans are to blame for any decline in fish stocks, not cuddly wuddly seals.

Frankly, I remember what happened when the residents of Springfield went easy on the dolphins. I don't want to see that happen in Courtenay, seals taking over the city. Get tough on seals, says I!

Harbour seal cull needed
It's necessary to protect summer chinook run on Puntledge River, sport fish advisory board says
Larry Pynn, Vancouver Sun
Published: Monday, March 26, 2007
Sport fishermen are calling for a renewed cull of harbour seals near Courtenay on Vancouver Island just as research shows the species has increased 10-fold as a result of protection in local waters.

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KC said...

I think you mean Paul and Heather Mills.

Jeff said...

Right you are. Heather, not Linda. Although, maybe Linda will rise from the dead, no?

Lolly said...

Hey Jeff;
Last week we sighted a pod of Orca's out front, we watched them for close to an hour. At first we thought they were aimlessly circling in one area, however the binoculars sighted one of those harbour seals being coralled for snack time. What a sight, As you know it is only the transient killer whales that eat seals, maybe this will become another local attraction. It is not a seal bomb, but it is nature and the survival of the fittest.
52,000 seals in the Georgia Basin, should provide lots of food for thought.