Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bring on the Ducks!

As mentioned earlier I'm down in Atlanta right now at a conference, but even in the Southern U.S. I still think I heard a large thump last night as Canucks fans scrambled back on the bandwagon. From doom and gloom to Stanley Cup here we come!

I was lucky enough to find the game on Versus in my hotel room last night. Figured I'd be out of luck. But after I filed an exciting story on Sobey's use of SAP software I flipped on the tv and there it was, early second period.

Looks like they finally found the Sedin twins, and about time too. Also a great game from Trevor Linden, who will always be Captain Canuck to me. And what can you say about Bobby-Lou? But Markus Naslund, has anyone seen him? I thought maybe he was hurt or something, but then he took a penalty. Someone needs to give him a kick in the ass. And Alain Vigneault may be just the guy to do it; his rant after game six was perfect.

So, now it's the Ducks. Bring them on!

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¢rÄbG®äŠŠ said...

Go Canucks! The Ducks will be tough (I still hate their name).

I haven't been following the Canucks all that closely for a while now (um, go Leafs...), but it's great to see Linden in Vancouver. It wasn't right for him to wear other colours.

Gayle said...

I picked the Ducks in my pool, but I hate them, so Go Canucks!

I seem to recall a number of Canucks fans cheering for the Might Oil last year. This year I have already seen a number of Canucks flags on cars in Edmonton.

Stephen K said...

Go Canucks, but they're going to be in tough against Anaheim. Naslunds going to have to get going for them to win. Here's hoping they can do it.